Budweiser Select 55 – Review

Budweiser Select 55

This was/is a hard beer to review. Why? Well, on one hand there is nothing wrong with the taste. There is very little taste to begin with and there is no offensive aftertaste (no real aftertaste at all). So as a beer malted beverage, this is really not bad. It has a slight hint of beer taste but is mainly water. Can one complain when their entire purpose for drinking a product like this is to get drunk? Probably not. Anheuser-Busch wants us to believe this is a beer but when they cannot classify it themselves then it is not a beer. It is the first light beer I have ever had that has so little flavor that it could never be classified as beer, ever! So what is it? Why was this drink created? Is it a bad thing? I am confused by this drink and happy at the same time. Is this a beginners beer? This is possibly the light beer for all those people who think beer’s flavor is too strong.

I guess the truth is I don’t know what I just drank but I most definitely do not hate it. It is better than Bud Light because it avoids the terrible aftertaste and mouth feel that I get from a Bud Light. Is it beer? No. Is it drinkable? Yes. Is it enjoyable? Arguable.


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